Welcome and Hello! 

What Is On Clear Days?
On Clear Days first started out in late 2018, simply as a blog to post about walks, including any photos taken along the way.  As it has matured over 2019, ideas about the direction in which to take it have evolved along with the website's name. Where it was a reference to the great British weather, it now also lends itself to the health and wellbeing which we strive for by getting outside.  It isn't only good for the body, it's good for the mind. Whether it's a short stroll or a mountain hike, the clarity of mind gained is awesome, and if everyone who reads this gets themselves outside as a result, even better.  Across this site, you'll find walks, exercises and articles promoting wellbeing.  You don't have to be a seasoned walker or yoga guru, we want to welcome all comers and above all else offer encouragement to anyone needing a nudge in the right direction.

Where Do You Go?
Anywhere and everywhere we can get to.  Over the past couple of years, walking and hiking has become part and parcel of our lives.  Being based in North West England, The Lake District and Peak District are virtually on the doorstep so we can often be found there, but we ventured to the mountains towering above the
Norwegian Fjords this summer too. 

That isn't to say you can't forge a path in your own neighbourhood.  An urban wander, or taking time out for ten minutes under a tree in the park all contribute to your wellbeing and health.  There are already some helpful articles on the site, but over the coming months there's going to be events for walks, yoga and meditation that we want you to be a part of and we'd love to see you there!


We try to get outside as often as busy working lives permit.  This is by no means our full time job! The walks, exercise and meditations are ways in which we counterbalance the often stressful environments of the workplace.  That said, weekends are always best to do anything of significant length or distance from home, but there's nothing wrong with an early morning or evening stroll during the week to keep you topped up on fresh air and a midweek de-stress.

There are many reasons why.  Some of us have been walking and hiking for a number of years, whilst others have a strong health and fitness background.  Combining this means not only do we learn from each other but the articles and events we are looking to run come from a place of knowledge and experience, as well as a passion for our areas of expertise.  There are a million and one articles and papers out there linking the benefits of walking, yoga and meditation to improving yourself both mentally and physically, what we want to do is make those activities as accessible as possible for everyone and anyone wanting to try.

Cool! How Do I Find Out More?

The site will be updated regularly with articles and events all of which anyone can sign up to.  You can catch us on social media (particularly on Twitter and Instagram - come say hi!) where we'll be posting links to anything new, inspiring or relevant that we've found that you might be interested in.  And if you're still missing out, subscribe to our newsletter below as this will fire out any links to articles, events and offers you may have missed (we really don't spam).