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On Clear Days

Okay, so we've been keeping pretty tight-lipped about this over the past few months, with only close friends and family in the know.

Over the past year, we've felt that whilst it was great showcasing where we'd been or what we'd done through a post with videos and pictures, there is much more to the reasoning as to why we do what we do.

Whilst there's a sense of achievement from hiking up a certain mountain or fell, there are other things going on in the background. It allows us to switch off from our day to day lives and take a breather from everything that comes with it: work, bills and the unexpected road bumps life throws our way from time to time.

It doesn't just end there though. Whether it be healthy eating, meditation or yoga and the many different facets associated with those, we're strong advocates of improving physical and mental wellbeing. Which is why we decided to revise the site to incorporate these elements, and ultimately extend what we enjoy doing to everyone who visits the site.

Where you once saw posts about walks, you'll now find a range of articles that also cover mindfulness, wellness, yoga or meditation, with many more to be added over time. We've pooled our knowledge acquired through practice in the hope that this benefits people looking to make a lifestyle change or simply add in some elements of exercise to their busy lives.

We want to do this in such a way that it is accessible to all and not some high-end exclusive site for those who already know what they're doing and it become a competitive forum for who did something better. We're still very much on a learning curve too and simply want to share what we've discovered in the hope that it is of benefit to others.

We'll be reviewing any gear, gadgets or apps that we use, whether it be for our walks, hikes, phones or cameras etc, highlighting what works for us, as well as what doesn't.

Coming in 2020, we're looking to launch a series of events. This could be following a plotted walk that people can sign up to, or yoga and meditation events that people can attend. We want to build a friendly, supportive community so that we can all grow together and champion each other's goals or aspirations - join us!

In the coming weeks, we'll be launching a store featuring photos from some of our walks and over time, clothing to keep you warm up in the hills or comfortable stretching out on a yoga mat. We want to keep the content on this site as open and as accessible as possible without a barrage of ads or pop-ups on every page, so our store will be a way of keeping on top of the cost associated with that.

We're a small team, with big ideas and we hope you will join us on the journey over the coming weeks, months, and (hopefully) years. We'd love it if you did. :)

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